Physiotherapy Competency Exam

The PCE stands for Physiotherapy Competency Examination. It is a required exam for internationally educated physiotherapists (IEPTs) who want to practice physiotherapy in Canada. The exam is administered by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR).

The PCE is a two-part exam:

Written Component: This is a computer-based multiple-choice exam that tests your knowledge of physiotherapy theory and practice.
Clinical Component: This is a practical exam that assesses your ability to perform physiotherapy skills safely and effectively. The clinical exam is administered by the physiotherapy college in the province where you want to practice.

To be eligible to take the PCE, you must have graduated from an accredited physiotherapy program and meet the Canadian English Language Benchmarks (CELB) requirements. You will also need to have your physiotherapy credentials assessed by the Physiotherapy Evaluation Committee (PEC) of the province where you want to practice.

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